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the geh* in California

the geh* in California

*Since we can’t fight against teh geh directly, our efforts will only be to create a sense of confusion about the rights of teh geh to get married with the big ‘Marriage’ stamp attached to it. We can’t actually oppose other rights for teh geh without looking like total chumps and possibly having a repeat of the whole ‘Coloured/Negro/Black incident of 1978’. The plans to fix teh geh have not worked out so well either, so the party line is now, teh geh is OK, but teh buttseks is not. We can depend on internal meetings and our members own inherent hatred of teh geh to continue the social pressure in the Western States. Thus, we’re participating in a large coalition of more extreme bigots while releasing press releases to salve the nerves of teh librul traturs within the ranks. Thus we shall merrily muddle along, tally ho.

Fur Moar: Daily Kos: LDS (Mormon) Yes on 8 Game Plan



  1. Hey, whoever you are, you rock!

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    • Posted August 20, 2008 at 9:05 am
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    ur praize, ai basks in it

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