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Hullo BYU Darlings.

Thank you so very much for the speech during education week associating beastility with homosexuality. The cutest little poochie poo veritably jumped into the camera to capture that one darling macro.

However darling, I shall ask you to refrain from such unsavory discussions in the future. You see, I do hate to have to clean up the toobz after those nasty, filthy animal sex Googlers go poking around and to have such an unpleasant (and misspelled) item in my top searches will simply give me the vapors.

Please, darling ducklings, can you go back to your usual fare of condemning your Goldifoxes for their Three Bares and those breast-separating backpack straps while getting arrested for drawing on the sidewalks with chalk and promoting war crazed Rethuglicans?

Thanks ever so much,


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