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Um…… no. That would defeat the whole purpose of the blog. So, Motley Vison folks, what can we expect next? A journal of Orson Scott Card studies? What about Romance, a Journal of Chick-Lit Studies?

I’d be more interested if you decided to form Ass Kicking, a Journal of Mack Bolan Studies. Or how about a legal journal devoted to John Grisham novels? The sexual poignancy of Eric Von Lustbader? Tabloid! A Journal of True Crime Studies!. The world needs a Journal of Looney Tunes Studies!!! Men, Gnomes and Drow: The Socio-Cultural Milieu of Forgotten Realms?

I have more, but I cede my projected Gold Medal in dead horse beating to the beautiful people of the Bloggernacle. It’s against Ceiling Cat’s commandments to work that hard.

Now, I’ve read some of the Buffy scholarship and it’s amusing and interesting at times. Cultural studies is a very important field, but usually the ivory tower grey-tops don’t get around to creating journals celebrating an author until they have a substantial body of work. Four and a BitTorrent books are only a substantial body of work if you are voting for Sarah Palin.

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