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Ever lost your job because you were pregnant? Ever lived in any milieu outside of your safe, ensconced Mormon existence?

Ever wondered how you are going to feed your baby the next day?

Have you ever watched your child go for months with a cavity because you can’t afford dental insurance? Watched them suffer with a fever for days until you just can’t avoid going to the Emergency Room?

Have you ever been beaten for wanting to keep your baby? Have you watched your children being beaten?

Do you recognize that ‘life’ is something that occurs outside of the womb? That childhood extends past conception?

Yes, abortion is a cop out on both these issues. But the political party that you and your ilk have supported faithfully for years makes a mockery of your ‘pro-life’ stance.

You are ignorant and selfish. You have not thought about these issues in anything but the most cursory way. In the worst way you are exemplifying the blindness of the ivory tower academic. I have low expectations for the Mormon Times. They just dropped further.



  1. *applause* – well said

  2. wil al u happi peepl go way? Tryin to pis off teh rethuglicanz an teh Mormunz an teh ‘Vangelical roun here.

    u kep pettin teh kitteh, teh kitteh hav to pur an purrin getz in teh way of teh necezicary sarcazm.

    Jus kidden..LOL love teh audulatin

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