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Even Lies Are Truth!!!

Even Lies Are Truth!!!

Hat tip to Mark B



  1. I question whether the Mormons, who have as many enemies as friends, have much influence in California.

  2. Dood.

    You just made that comment on a picture of a cat with a pot on his head.

    Do you really thing this blog is for substantive discussion of weighty issues?

    Besides, you’ve never heard of the scuttling of the International Womens Year and the ERA by the Mormons.

  3. I should have worded it, “Even if the opposition claims that the Yes on 8 ads are misleading…” Nobody can predict the future, but the No on 8 crowd is claiming that the ads contain lies. The idea of kids being taught in schools that gay marriage is equal to straight marriage is the basis of that claim. Read it for yourself. First graders are taken on a field trip to a gay marriage.

  4. Read it for yourself. The Yes on 8 ads are not so misleading after all, are they?

  5. Sry. Ur commentz gawt markd smap

  6. Sorry. I don’t really have a problem with that.

    “California Education Code permits school districts to offer comprehensive sex education, but if they do, they have to “teach respect for marriage and committed relationships.”

    Parents can excuse their child from all or part of the instruction.”

    In some cases the desires of the majority have to bow to the preeminence of ‘created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights’.

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