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Hullo Darling!

I read your latest post today, you are just the cutest little right wing duckling! What a lovely blend of satire and fearmongering, it took me back to the good old days of Joe McCarthy, bless his moldy old soul.

One eensy little problem however, you say that this dangerous fairness on the airwaves would

‘shut up dangerous conservatives who aren’t part of the handful of companies controlling much of the media’.

Who are these dangerous conservatives?

Rush Limbaugh? Wooopsies! Airs on

A wholly owned subsidiary of

Hmmm. Sean Hannity? Whooopsie Daisy!

Airs on

Owned by

Oooooh! Glen Beck! He’s Mormon! And so cute!

Airs on


Oh, one more darling. Fine upstanding New Jersey citizen. Had his own radio show before those nasty

cough cough cough
cough cough cough

took his website down and proved he was an FBI agent provocateur.

Hal Turner. Conservative. Independant. Radio.

I am so utterly impressed that you think that little ol’ Obama could cause such luscious havoc on the right wing airwaves! My my my, what Mabel keeps telling me about how he’s the Antichrist and that I really should clean out my Hummel bedroom and turn it into a bomb shelter might be true! Just how bad is it going to get Mr Lindsay?

Is Hillary going to win and toss all those lovely radio show hosts in jail?

Is Obama going to pack the Supreme Court with hippies and underhandedly unleash Socialist Revolution while filling our airwaves with smut? (Focus on the Family, PDF)

You are scaring me darling! Please reassure my addled female pate with nostrums of peace and joy and Republican rule forever and ever! OH MY GOD, THINK OF THE TINY HANDS CORRUPTED BY



    • Jeff
    • Posted November 1, 2008 at 7:15 pm
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    Sweet! But Limbaugh and Hannity don’t really count as “dangerous” independents precisely because they are owned by others. They are shills of the Republican party and are the establishment “opposition” voices. Sure, they are hated by some of the people who want the fairness doctrine to reign them in, but the real threat is to the more independent voices, like little K-Talk radio in Utah or the very large (and often aggravating) program of Michael Savage, with over 10-million listeners and a voice fully at odds with the mainstream media powers, although many stations affiliated with media companies choose to carry Savage because he is popular.

    The blog post didn’t specify Hannity and Limbaugh, only you did, so I’m not sure you prove anything with your smarmy revelation that some talk show hosts are owned by big media companies. Think Savage and other independents for the first victims of the upcoming fairness.

  1. Oh Darling, Michael Wiener?
    He’s about as Savage as my 15 year old toothless Bichon Frise, Killer. You’ve just got to love a man who makes fun of disabled kids.

    Darling, I just haven’t seen hide nor hair of an upcoming ‘fairness’ legislation except in the beautifully perverse little minds of the right wing commenters. We’ve got other issues in the good old US of A to touch that hot button issue.

    Darling, the point of this ‘smarmy’ little notecard is to make fun of how silly the whole lot of the conservatives on the Bloggernacle have become as the burning stupid of Neo-Conservatism finally eats through the structure of the United States government.

    Now, cuddle cakes, you can say whatever you want and I’ll throw my purse at the big bad meanie for your right to say it. Michael Wiener can say whatever his pathetic little poodle eyes can dream up and he can have the right to say it too. But, darling, when America opened a gulag I just lost a lot of my concern for little details like… oh… exactly which wiener is talking over the airwaves.

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