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Oh for the love of Pete.

There is no fucking Mormon Jihad going on. I am burning with anger over the 1800’s Christianist blood libel you fucking thoughtless leftist sons of bitches keep spouting. Calling us heirs of Mohamet? Sorry fuckers, already been done since the 1830’s. If you want to criticize the Mormon church, criticize the Mormon church. Don’t act like the Christianist Imperialist Evangelical Army and trot out every lie and stereotype of 200 years of anti-Mormonism.

What is going on is a lack of responsibility. The Mormon Church, like most religious right organizations, says a lot of stupid crap because their run by old people who think that it’s OK. Their wilful, murderous ignorance is that people take the provocative words they say, turn them to their own ends and use them as an excuse for violence. Neo-Conservatism has made an art of this, and the Mormon church is more subtle than most. They have to be, they have an exceedingly credulous audience.

So, are the Mormons responsible forĀ  thousands of hate crimes, destroyed families and gay suicides? Yes. However, there’s a continuum here people, and I will not have the complexity of the situation reduced to a couple of sound bites. There may be some fucking rednecks in Utah, but the situation is nothing like that in the American South, let alone the Middle East. Their not chopping your heads off. Quit calling them jihadists.

Wake the fuck up and realize that we live in world that has more than right and wrong answers. You are in the United States. This was a democratic discussion. There has been no fucking ‘jihad’ launched. So pull up your big boy boxers, quit acting like a fucking cult and engage in the political discourse without resorting to ignorant name calling.

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