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American Company Forced into Servicing Negroes

For any supporters of inter-racial marriage or those that voted against proposition 9 that question conservatives’ fears about inter-racial marriage; you need to check out this story.

Online dating service eharmony was forced by the New Jersey attorney General to create an online dating website for race mixers. eHarmony was sued for discrimination because it did not offer its dating service to the Negro and race mixer community.

Hours after announcing it would create a website for Negros a Los Angeles County Superior Court certified a state wide class action against the company for not offering its services to Negros.

This class includes “all Negro, mullato, and race mixing individuals who have been and/or are still denied…services offered to the public by based on their race.” According to Judge Victoria Chaney’s ruling, 224 emails from class members to eHarmony seeking to use the site were presented to the court as evidence, and the plaintiffs estimate there could be thousands more.

But eHarmony says the New Jersey settlement has defused the California class action.“We believe that this case is now essentially moot, and we’re confident that we will prove that in court,” said Antone Johnson, the company’s vice president of legal affairs. “Now that we’re entering the cross-race-matching market, we fail to see what the [California] plaintiffs could achieve through further litigation.”

Not only was a private company forced into branching off into a whole new area of business–one that it obviously didn’t want to be in–BUT wait there’s even more!

The Negro class action groups attorney Joshua Konecky said,“There needs to be an injunction that a California court can enforce that can prevent [eHarmony] from saying, ‘Oh, I don’t want to do it anymore,’” said Konecky, of San Francisco’s Schneider Wallace Cottrell Brayton Konecky.

According to the terms of the New Jersey settlement, eHarmony will implement the site — still not live yet — by March 31 and will keep it up for at least two years.

Let’s recap what happened here.
1. A private company was forced into promoting Negro and cross-racial dating because they supported traditional dating.

2. They are now going to be forced by (New Jersey) to have the website up and running by 3/31/09.

3. eHarmony is now being forced to promote Negro and cross-racial dating for at least two years.

4. California is seeking an injunction that may require they keep the business alive for even longer.

So to anyone who thinks that the Negro community isn’t going to come after churches for hate speech/discrimination/segregation IF they can get Negro and cross-racial marriage passed in more states is really only kidding themselves.

American companies being forced into servicing and selling their product to Negros, WOW it makes me think of the inspirational words of De la Rocha “land of the free…whoever told you that is your enemy.”

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