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From the always amusing Daily Universe letters page.

Bizarre ideas of Democrats

I am sick and tired of hearing these bizarre ideas Democrats are trying to instill in us. First of all, comparing the murdering and starving to death of millions of Jews to American interrogation techniques is the dumbest thing I have heard in a while. Not one “torture” method we use is in any way permanently damaging to the physicality of our prisoners, and things like sexual degradation are punished by law. We waterboard our own troops so they know what it is, but we can’t try to get information out of psychotic killers to prevent American deaths? You just don’t understand. These are the people who sent a child with a grenade to kill Americans because they hoped that our sense of morals would prevent troops from acting before it was too late.

Chief Captain Moroni, one of the most righteous men to walk this earth, used a different method. The “terrorists” did exactly what he said, or he killed them. If one innocent life is spared by these mild (if you think they are severe, talk to McCain about what torture really is, or you could just look at his scarred, damaged body) interrogation techniques, then they are worth it. Talk about morals all you want; it won’t mean squat anymore when your family is endangered by these “wrongfully” detained prisoners.

Second, the Democrats would have us believe that every problem in the country is Bush’s fault. We have not had a terrorist attack since 9/11 under President Bush, so I think he is doing a heck of a job in this area. How about the economy? This current economic situation has three main causes. First of all, the Democrats, who blame Bush, were the ones that passed legislation allowing Fannie May and Freddie Mac (the largest loaners of money for housing) to allow for sub-prime loans. This way “every deserving American” can get the housing they couldn’t afford. Second, there are the banks who were greedy enough to give these loans. Third, there is the greed of speculators. Many bought property they couldn’t afford, expecting the market would go up forever.

So really, we have ourselves and the Democrats to blame for this economic crisis, not in any shape, form or description Bush. Obama is not a “savior” as some would have us believe and this is a morally horrific idea. We can only hope that Obama is not as extreme as he has promised to be. Change is needed, but Obama’s campaign ideas fit better with an episode of Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood – the “change train” to the land of make believe.



Adam seems to feel that blasphemy is more important than just, impartial treatment of prisoners, prisoners of war and American citizens. The Seventeenth Century is calling, Adam. They want their ideology back.

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