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Meridian caffine fights are always the best!

Meridian caffine fights are always the best!

I can has favorite? Maybe two?

Through my study of the Book of Mormon this year, I have become increasingly aware of how subtly Satan seeks to influence the Saints. In reviewing the Word of Wisdom, I have found a warning about the designs of conspiring men in the last days. If Satan cannot get a committed person to sin in some big way, he finds other means to bring them down, such as seeking to destroy their health. Though we may not avoid all damaging foods in this imperfect world, surely we should seek to have our diet be as healthy as we can reasonably achieve. We have many faithful Saints in our branch who simply cannot function well, due to ill health. Since colas (and such soda pop) is the subject of this survey, I would suggest to you to go online to and read: “The Amazing Statistics and Dangers of Soda Pop”. Dr. Mercola shares that soda pop accounts for 1/4th of all beverages consumed in the US . Some side effects of soda pop consumption are obesity and weakened bones.

Comment (27) – 11/25/08 06:21 AM

First the Diet Coke, then the Regular Coke, then the Coke-aine! Coke Inc, you magnificent bastards!

Cancer needs the ph levels in our bodies to be acidic. Any kind of soda, sports drink or whatever is very acidic. I recently heard a statistic that 1 in 2 people will get some kind of cancer. Look at what we eat and drink. Is it any wonder that cancer is so common?

Fact: It’s not any more complicated that this

Fact: Soda is very bad for our bodies.
Fact: Diet soda is worse that regular.
Fact: We all know whether we should be drinking soda.
Fact: We all accept risk when we don’t follow spirit of the Word of Wisdom..

Comment (41) – 11/25/08 03:32 PM

That mail order logic course is still opened to page 3, isn’t it darlin?

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