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Ah Snarkernacle, what shall we call thee? The Snarkernacle was the premiere blog mocking the Bloggernacle, running from a inglorious start in 2005 and ending with a wimper in May of 2008.

The people running Snarkernacle were Bloggernacle insiders of some sort, their posts give the impression of frustrated impotence. While their archives may be of some interest to folks attempting to discern some of the history of the Bloggernacle, their attempts at… oh how the hell do you explain this?

The Snarkernacle was run by a herd of dissociated English graduate students clinging to their Mormonism as a bulwork against the sinful Marxism of their professors.  Their blog, and their dreams are dead.

Thankfully, the miracle of the internet has preserved their stupid in the amber of electrons.

Go forth and find a few funny bits.

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