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What is Trash Calls? Srsly?

Known primarily for seriously pissing off FMH (SHE HULK SMASH) with pictures of skinned rabbits (now replaced) the pen of Joseph Addison goes through a rapid cycling bipolar phase of funny, rude and posts picking on Connor Boyack, all of which I heartily endorse.

Ol’ Joe has produced some of my favorite stuff taking on some of the weirder folks on the Bloggernacle. Whoever is hiding behind the pseudonym is something of a Bloggernacle insider with a good grasp of the strange, bizarre and mostly childish feuds that erupt with stunning regularity. Still, Addison has not found my two favorite sources of information, LDS Anarchy and The Mormon Hater Show, Starring Weston Krogstat. Perhaps he will remedy this in the near future.

Joe, being far more energetic than I (and being one of the mockers requires a degree of laziness only found in such superior animals as our overlord, yeah verily THE CAT), often catches the funnier stuff in the comments on the big blots… er blogs.

Go forth and get the inside jokes.

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