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Do you find yourself bored by the Bloggernacle? Are you looking for a little more mental illness in your life? Are you beginning to suspect that Times & Seasons, By Common Consent and Feminist Mormon Housewives are a front for the Mormon Lizard Illuminati to misdirect your perfectly valid suspicions through a massive misdirection campaign?

OK, I can’t help you with that last one.

But your right!

One of my favorite and consistently funny sites is LDS Anarchy. LDS Anarchy is a place for UFO conspiracy buffs, gold bugs, Velikovsky nuts and visionaries to hang out. No, not the kind of visionaries that create new drugs or invent computer chips, the kind of visionaries that have visions of the end of the world and have to tell everyone.

It’s truely a mixed bag, and has challenged even my extensive reading of conspiracy sources to keep up. We’ve got communism, we’ve got whole fooders, we’ve got obscure religious panic, we’ve got God-cloning. I can’t keep up. I have a job and my boss starts looking at me funny when I’m carrying on about trying to find books published by insane French monks in the 1700’s.

So, sit back, pull up a browser (I suggest Google Chrome or Firefox) and put on your skeptic hats, it’s off to the Crazlympics!



  1. How did you KNOW? Have you been reading my Twitter?!

  2. Yes.
    Brother Burner Knows All.

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