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I R Mormon. And I hate you.

Weston Krogstadt thinks blogging is a hammer, nay a post maul, a sledge hammer, a veritable steam driven power hammer. As such, reading his blog is like watching a teenage boy masturbate… you walk into the room, your brain processes what is happening in 2/10ths of a second, you whirl and attempt over the next few months to scrub out your cerebellum with muretic acid. And through it all the mad wanking continues unabated.

Weston hates Mormon Haters, but he hates Muslims more. His consistent refrain since he emerged on my radar has been to try to berate a small subset of evangelical anti-mormon wack-a-loons to try the same tactics they use against Mormons against Muslims.  Far be it from me, the LOLCat blogger, to accuse someone of immaturity but Weston’s insults are just this side of the first grade. He is also fond of clumsy gay allusions, especially involving cartoon depictions of bears in leather. 

Weston is indeed the Lone Danite, riding hard in an all male, 110% manly, totally straight crusade to defend the Mormons. Which is why most of his latest posts have featured brawny men, armed with long spears and wrapped in leather.

mmmmm. Breechclouts. aaaaaaagg *drool*



  1. If I were a homosexual I wouldn’t have pictures of brawny men, I would post pictures of Liza Minnelli and Barbara Streisand doing a cute little musical act with their fluffy little kitty-cats. I am shocked, yes shocked that you do not appreciate my zany, yet very deep, humor. Well that’s the way it goes I suppose. I laughed out loud at your post, you did good.

  2. Satire and truth come too close to each other to be recognized.

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