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Burning Publications Inc is pleased to announce that well respected LDS author Chris Heimerdinger, in partnership with Weston Krogstat, has agreed to write the theme tune, sing the theme tune and write the screenplay for The Bloggernacle Back  Burner Musical.  In the tradition of CATS and THE LION KING, the Bloggernacle Back Burner Musical is a whimsical story of kittens with a hard hitting political message ripped from the headlines.

With a cast of tens, the Bloggernacle Back Burner Musical will feature musical gems like ‘Even the Kittens Hate You, you F*cking Anti-Mormons’, ‘Why Can’t I Find A Righteous Young Maiden (McKay Coppins Lament)’, ‘Go Bug The Muslims!’ and ‘The Obamaclypse is Nigh and You Are Going To Burn In Socialist Hell’, a special musical presentation by Glen Beck. Noted LDS songwriter Lex de Azevedo has been signed as Chief Purity Officer to inspect the production for traces of rock music.

Tickets go on sale April 1, 2010

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