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Monthly Archives: September 2009

It’s what’s for reesurch.



Hit me with some more of that terror porn, baby!!!!

(Pssst, check out the Stars ‘n Bars circle jerk in the comments)

if u baitz the huk rite

if u baitz the huk rite

You would think a Cornell Law prof would know what push polling is and why it’s such a bad idea.

Oh that’s right, it’s because they aren’t polls and they have no statistical value.

To add to the thrilling sagas of Brother Burner’s Batshit Bloggers Bible and Captain Burner’s Guide to the Mormon Mock-O-Nacle, we add a new feature here on the Bloggernacle Back Burner, Papa Burner’s Projection Prognosticator. This will consist of two links, called Right Wing Delusion and Right Wing Reality.


Right Wing Reality: Texas School Board

Face of Torture

Face of Torture

Now ain’t he jest so darn cute?

Its bad for American morale

It's bad for American morale

The US could join the rest of the world and install a bidet.

Or, you could just wipe your ass with a squirrel.


Time to Pimp Rice

Racist, Classist, Misogynist,

I think he hates puppies too.

Leads to Vacuous Leadership

Leads to Vacuous Leadership

Quite simple, really. But then again…

I am writing about Soft Rocks for Brains.

Not Funny

Not Funny

hitchen’ our wagon to a southern mule

hitchen’ our wagon to a southern mule

hitchen’ our wagon to a southern mule

hitchen’ our wagon to a southern mule

ridin’ to obscurity!

And you can hear Lincoln laughing, even now.

The Racist Rights Amendment

The Racist Rights Amendment

Lynchin’…. Check!

Militias…. Check!

Gutting Civil Rights Legislation… Check!

Environmental Irresponsibility…. Check!

Yeah, I know they’re the low-hanging fruit, did you think this blog was about something different?

Like, ZOMG, no, cause youre not american and a nazi communist and stuff.

Like, ZOMG, no, 'cause you're not american and a nazi communist and stuff.

Why can’t I control the debate? Whine! Whine! I’m white and male. Whine!