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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Some suggestions.

1. Re-introduce Blood Atonement!
2. Start the Retrenchment movement up again
3. Define Zion as Afghanistan, Alaska, Columbia or Somalia.
4. Send Brian Duffin on an “Oil Mission” to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in a handcart.
a. Send Steve Evans along for the ride.
b. With Connor Boyack in charge.
5. Exile Deacons/Teachers/Priests who don’t wear white shirts on Sunday.
6. Burn the Bearded.
7. Temple Recommend Bar-code Tattoos.
8. Word-O-Wisdom Breathalyzer
9. Every Knee Shall Bow Cyborg Garments.
10. Compulsory registration and licensing of the Pre-Pregnant.

Hey, it’s a start….


The Republican Party, and their agents in this territory, the Liberal Party are the party of the Devil.

See, historical references jest ain’t like the scriptures. They have these things called ‘Context’ and ‘Historical Milieu’ that have to be respected. Linkin’ such nasty terms to the Demoncrats juest don’ work since ol Tricky Dick debuted the ‘Southern Strategy in the 70’s to siphon off the racist element to the Republican Party.

(oh, and the raging puppy above is wildly anachronistic. The Peoples Party didn’t show up until the 1870’s in Utah politics.)

Only when screwing the peasants


Amusing how the class warfare finger wagging comes out for heath care but not for foreign wars.

S.P.A.M. (for the uninitiated, the Society for the Prevention of Anti-Mormonism) is the jackelope of the bloggernacle. It’s a really cool idea (Social Network for Apologists) that fails spectacularly in the execution (their members). S.P.A.M. (the periods are very important), is populated fully, totally and completely by the trucknutz faction.

Led by the intrepid, and incoherant Greg West of fame the blithering tribe of S.P.A.M. have produce such famous articles as

[Part 2, with Quotz!]

ZOMG WEER PERSICUTED! (23 identified since 2001)

and We Have No Fucking Clue But The Answer Isn’t ‘Racism’

I just picked the low hanging fruit, go forth and check it out!

Everi sperm is sacrid, Bitchez

Everi sperm is sacrid, Bitchez

Shorter Allahpundit… And once a month we have our negro day! Be grateful, bitches.