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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Nothing to say, about my point this study has Which makes my point, affirmitivly does.

Overdoses on his circular logic.


Theysss hass discovrdsss usssss!

just got totally pwnd.

The reason for this total, epic and undeniable pwnage?


That ain’t the Jessi That’s the ‘Mormon Carrie Bradshaw Miniskirt’.

Sorry… wimped out on the crack about the ‘Heather’ apron. I’ll leave my readers ….sophomoric… sense of humor to figure that one out

JesusTablet now?

that’s a classic case of projection. REPUBLICANS vastly expanded the american empire by getting involved in not only one, but TWO LAND WARS IN ASIA.


Tracy M’s story is up at Mormon Mommy Wars.

You’re an inspiration, Tracy.

Thanks for blogging while you’re going through this. You really do inspire people and give hope to people going through the litterboxes of life. I know it is hard but you have fans in some really odd places… (like here)

You can has blawghugz.

No one has EVER used false dichotomies in their jerimand against another religious group. It’s unheard of as a rhetorical tactic. What an original approach to the crowded field of Evangelical criticism of Mormonism. You go, person of unspecified internet gender. I will follow you, and tag you and name you George and love you forever.

If you can duplicate your spouse, can you live in polygamy while being a monogamist?

If you can duplicate yourself, could you literally screw yourself?

Can I be the Lain of our new MRI++ networked mind future?

Will there be giant anime robots?

Is this covered by Obamacare?

Where are my Cheez Nips?



shez alludin to killin faggots

is having a bit of internal debate between the true believers who want to go out and prove their crackpot economic theories in the public arena of ideas and the basement dwelling, cheeto-stained underwear wearing, DI office chair jockeys of the 101st Utah Fighting Keyboardists.

Guess which side our good buddy Connor finds himself on? He wants to to find a Wingnut Messiah. Someone who is BOTH a true believer and a cheeto-finger conspiracy theorist.

Connor, Connor. She’s arrived and is appearing on Faux News. Sarah Palin is your Messiah! Come worship at her feet, tonguing her toes with servile longing like Glen Beck.

No link, just snark

OH SNAP! Those straw-progressives sure got smacked down! And your illiterate dual paragraphs compare so favorably with the criticisms of the Obama administration put forward by Glen Greenwald and Andrew Sullivan.

Isn’t capitalistidemocracy AWESOME? Woot! Girls in Bikini’s!

1. Votes go in
3. The winner is declared with a popular mandate! Profit is made by all!