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You’re not the right kind of snarky! Boundary Maintainence! Boundary Maintainence! Shame the whores and libruls!

New wine in old wineskins still can’t help the Bloggernacele’s version of the ‘Half Hour News Hour’. That’s because funny is inherantly transgressive. Transgressive

Alternatively, you can just dick around for 700 posts for an audience of 30 people a day….. cough… cough.

ht to the fascinating Bridget Jack Meyers. Honestly hon, I quit reading anything but posts on Snarkernacle about a year ago.



  1. I will do a lot for my art, but I refuse to do any cross dressing (not that I can, as I have no gender).

    I will, however, re-watch “To Wong Foo, thanks for everything, Julie Newmar” again if you feel it will help my snark improve.

  2. Darlin’, I don’t exactly have a high opinion of my OWN snark, which is why it’s fun to make kitties at the self important schlub that is Snarkamouse Prime.

    You just keep right on pluggin’ along.

  3. Mister Correlation ~ Just between you, and me, and BloggernacleBurner and his 30 readers, once in a while you do make me laugh.

    So I echo what The Drunken Uncle said above.

    Let’s all move along now before we gotta hug or something.

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