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No one has EVER used false dichotomies in their jerimand against another religious group. It’s unheard of as a rhetorical tactic. What an original approach to the crowded field of Evangelical criticism of Mormonism. You go, person of unspecified internet gender. I will follow you, and tag you and name you George and love you forever.



  1. Apparently it’s a woman – if you check the sigs at the end of some of the posts.

  2. Well aren’t we a Mr Fancypants with our reading and our comprehending and our understanding stuff like that stuff.

  3. Yes, but I still don’t know how to embed images in a blog post.

    So you’ve got me beat there.

  4. Begin by typing img
    Enclose it in < and >
    Put a direct link to cat picture in the middle
    End by typing /img
    Enclose it in < and >

    Alternativly, use wordpress! With fancy graphical user interface!

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