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Monthly Archives: February 2010

The Libertarian City of Enoch

When will these shitheads read a book outside of their pseudo-intellectual bubble and recognize that it’s all been done before?


that Torah Bright’s mother comes off as a total freaking nutcase?

but he is consistent.

Good post.

by an 'Ugly Woman' Fetish.

Not, as you might think by double-dealing LDS Apostles who married polygamous couples until 1910 in Mexico and Canada. Or apocalyptic revelation. Or a biological imperative to reproduce.

It’s totally about the ugly women. Who are just ugly. Not isolated in a compound, constantly pregnant, working in the house and married off to their cousins.

And the Hot Ones who run away. They totes have an airtight support system in Utah’s kind and pleasant land. His name is Willy the Pimp, who ships them off to his Tongan Crip cousins in LA.

In the end, it’s all the fault of the left, with their Illuminati tentacles in everything.


“Do the women of FMH just stand around talking so they can hear the bullshit escape in great clouds from their ass?”

“Don’t they realize the hijab is just a piece of clothing, not an inherent sign of women being oppressed?”

“Get off your feminist high horse and actually deal with something a little more interesting than ‘Those Muslims, Their Oppressed!’ ”

“It’s this kind of attitude that gives Americans a bad name.. I say, I”‘m sorry, I understand why you hate us”

“I get really offended when someone says, “How can you be mormon, if you’re pro gay rights!”

“Oh your a muslim woman who wears Hijab, you must be oppressed!”

The BBB endorses such SpouseKitty rantage, but noticed that the point of the article was pretty much what SpouseKitty was ranting about… if you discount the whole ‘Dances with Hijab’ bent of the article. Ooooo! Look at my encounter with the exotic other, only to discover…. their ‘totes Human!!!!!!

They is ‘totes human, and ‘totes American, and ‘totes teenagers.

for proving my reasons for being so suspicious of the eliminationist, nationalist and normalist rhetoric coming from the right every time they open their mouths because we have gay, lesbian, disabled or differentially abled, transgendered, ill and racially diverse family members goes to… the excessive use of the word ‘Libtard’ in the awards for the Spirit of the Law Blog.

Mormon Women + Priesthood = 24K Solid Gold Awesome

then the smoothie doctrine, and now we have a true and final elucidation of the Black Widow Doctrine! CryptoMormonoists rejoice!

All you need to know about the 200 Comment 9 Moons Niblets Post. Srsly.

There’s the foretelling

Then the prissily anynomous TBM comes out (dirty fucking DAMUites)

ESO – Let’s use MoArch as the Golden Rod of Entrance Into the Hallowed Caverns Of The Bloggernacle!

Various post-modern blatherations as to the wisdom of this by various commentators while Prissily Anonymous TBM 1 and 2 continue to shout Huzzah! at the notion of MoArch as gateway to the ‘nacle.

Ardis: 350 pages of tightly argued, historically backed, heavily footnoted arguments… that everyone ignores, engaging Ardis on completely unrelated topics.

My Name is Steve Evans. My Opinion Is Quite Important. Even if it is a ‘solid meh’.



Scott B: I’m Jonah, blame me! Don’t get swallowed by you’re own navels! (comment Number 47. Thread at 200+ at counting now)

Scott + Steve + MCQ {{HUG}}

chanson + Helmut: Controversy? We shall riposte!

Prissy Anonymous TBM 2: DIE HERETIC SCUM!

Various laughter and grab-ass, punctuated by Steve Evans puncturing Helmut

The Starch Strikes Back – Return of Prissy Anonymous TBM 2: THEY’RE INFILTRATING OUR BLOGS!

Various sausage making details about the benign overlardship of MoArch and the *sniff* heart rending process of de-listing

*Imperial Theme* – The Return of Darth Helmut

And the scintillating rejoinder from John the Jedi.

Accompanied by the strangely Yodaesque hissy fit of Prissy Anonymous TBM


Geoff brings out the ol’ weasel.

Hair pull, face smack, yawn….

Nobody’s said fuck yet.

yawn… now their debating Steve Evans behavior… which is sort of like debating the behavior of the Marquis de Sade. Masterful, divisive, makes you think, and TOTALLY FUCKING BATSHIT INSANE with a cherry on top

OK, so the end of it is like this endless game of Hipster Mormons & exmos shouting ‘END’ to the 200 comment thread on 9 Moons. I’m done.


Jack, honey, your tips are awesome. If a flight ever lands me in Chicago and I’m stuck due the storm of the century, shall have to buy you a mild barley drink. My eyes go all glassy when I see ‘Niblets’, so I missed this gem of a dick measuring contest.