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“Do the women of FMH just stand around talking so they can hear the bullshit escape in great clouds from their ass?”

“Don’t they realize the hijab is just a piece of clothing, not an inherent sign of women being oppressed?”

“Get off your feminist high horse and actually deal with something a little more interesting than ‘Those Muslims, Their Oppressed!’ ”

“It’s this kind of attitude that gives Americans a bad name.. I say, I”‘m sorry, I understand why you hate us”

“I get really offended when someone says, “How can you be mormon, if you’re pro gay rights!”

“Oh your a muslim woman who wears Hijab, you must be oppressed!”

The BBB endorses such SpouseKitty rantage, but noticed that the point of the article was pretty much what SpouseKitty was ranting about… if you discount the whole ‘Dances with Hijab’ bent of the article. Ooooo! Look at my encounter with the exotic other, only to discover…. their ‘totes Human!!!!!!

They is ‘totes human, and ‘totes American, and ‘totes teenagers.



    • annegb
    • Posted February 14, 2010 at 2:28 pm
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    Um…does this mean you don’t like FMH?

  1. I love FMH. SpouseKitty thinks they’re a bunch of cliqueish gits.

    However I’m not going to let another instance of ‘Dances with [$EXOTIC_CULTURE$] pass without making a fuss. SK just gave me a good (and funny) excuse.

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