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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Jon Gardner just keeps losing the brain cells.

This beats the google test. The reason why Obama can’t ‘throw Fox news in jail’ is because OF THE PREVIOUS LINE TO THE ONE JON IS THROWING A HISSY FIT ABOUT.

He’d have to have read this line of the article, if he’d read it instead of reading Gateway Pundit.

Here’s the Rolling Stone cover story. For those of you who value reading.


Betcha your little Mormon minds never thought of titties on a kitty, eh?

Now whatcha thinkin is behind that ‘Censored’ bar?

Oh right, Heaven. Where all the naught bits get edited out. And it’s a joke.

Edit: And the dipshit ran it a second time in ‘honor’ of Banned Books Week.

This guy has a bitchin’ record collection!

Oh… is that the wrong response?


(PSST. There’s something called the Freedom of Information Act. It covers almost all US Government Documents)
(PSSST! Making a Freedom of Information Act request is not a lawsuit, nor is one necessary unless one’s application for documents is denied)

Perhaps Barbara Schwartz is working for Judicial Watch?

If I read Rove, you need to read Greenwald.

Us on the left threw the lamestream media under the bus a long, long, long time ago. They ain’t on anybody’s side but profit, and they’ll fuck anyone who can add to their bottom line.

Of course, we had our bout of adolescent fury (and it’s attending election losses) in the 1960’s. Welcome to political puberty, bitches.

You don' need that on the Internetz!

Oh Connor, how I’ve missed your content-free posts.

Blah, blah, blah… Founding Fathers, Libertarian Blather, Blah, Blah, Blah… Death-o-Bloggin’… Blah, Blah, Blah, Political Economy PhD from a Multi-Level Marketing Diploma Mill, Blah, Blah, Blah.

(The link is to a lovely comment take down, #3 and 4 are excellent)

See, sluts are evil and should be shamed. Extra points for clever wordplay while shaming aforesaid sluts.

Pay no attention to any discussion of correlation or causation.

All of ur fun iz rong.
iz rong.

Holy slippery slope, Batman! It’s like a drug warrior from the 1980’s aimed in the pornography direction!

I think I have a new favorite, above and beyond LDS Anarchy for sheer batshittery.

Hi Misfit Cygnet! Kisses, darling, I couldn’t create a parody to do justice to what you write!



(Actually, not a bad critique of factory farming, but..yeah. Sugar rant at the beginning is like ‘OH MY GOD SUGAR WILL TURN YOUR CHILLUNS INTO RAGING DOPE FEINDS’ then the connection specifically between drugs and tobacco is made a little later on in the piece. )

While I share the ethics of eating the author espouses, going all Reefer Madness is not the best way to make your point.

Meridian just sold out for 35 bucks a bottle blueberry juice.

Here’s a little selection of the email.

Promised exponential growth? Check.

Hitting the Mormon buttons like debt free, missionary minded (check out the link under ol Rover there)? Check

Total scam like all of the MLM ‘opportunities’ that come out of southern Idaho? Check.