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Meridian just sold out for 35 bucks a bottle blueberry juice.

Here’s a little selection of the email.

Promised exponential growth? Check.

Hitting the Mormon buttons like debt free, missionary minded (check out the link under ol Rover there)? Check

Total scam like all of the MLM ‘opportunities’ that come out of southern Idaho? Check.



  1. One of the fringe benefits if the new Deseret News does indeed become the new Mormon Huffington Post: Maurine Proctor and crew will likely be forced to find honest work (or at least, different work). Apparently, Proctor & Co. have already identified one potential new revenue stream.

    Great reporting as usual, BBB. And I’m more surprised than usual that this is not being discussed on the front pages of the bloggernacle. Are the ‘naclers worried about hurting Kathryn Lynard Soper’s feelings?

  2. Who the fuck cares? They have spent years building up a reputation and then they sell out for 35 bucks a bottle blueberry juice. It shows how much they respect their readers.

    The ‘nacle doesn’t read Meridian, just like they don’t read the rest of the bat-shit-o-sphere (which more accurately reflects Mormonism on the Internet). It’s no conspiracy, it’s just filtering. If I wasn’t a half-wit Internet humorist, I’d probably filter out The Misfit Cygnet and Federal Way Conservative too.

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