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OK, in this case, we have the polar ice caps sitting in the water that are melting. Question: Which is more dense: liquid water or solid ice? Answer: Water. Question: If the ice is floating in the water, and it melts, does the water level fall or rise? Answer: It must stay exactly the same because of the Archimedes Principle. That is, the mass of the water displaced by the ice is exactly the same as the mass of the ice. When the ice melts, it will occupy the exact same volume as it did when it floated on the water.

Oh SNAP, sister! You disprove climate science PhD’s with 3rd grade physics!

Oh. Wait.

What is under Greenland’s ice cap? What’s under the South Polar ice cap?

That ice shit is on LAND! And no less than 90% of the world’s ice is over Antarctica!


Basic Wikipedia test folks, basic Wikipedia test.

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