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is a dogfucking, bastard son of a unholy union between a slime mold and a syphilitic horse.

Here’s the post in simpler terms.

Homsexuals = Child Rapists

You inhuman Nazi pigfucker.

Full post quoted below the fold

How, oh how, could homosexuality do heterosexuals any harm?
John Mansfield
“When U.S. civil affairs teams (and other special forces units) quietly investigated the problem, they quickly discovered a common denominator. Virtually all of the younger men who beat their wives (over their inability to become pregnant) had been former ‘apprentices’ of older Afghan men, who used them for their sexual pleasure. Upon entering marriage, whatever the men knew of sex had been learned during their ‘apprenticeship,’ at the hands of the older man. To put it bluntly, some of the younger Afghans were unfamiliar with the desired (and required) mechanics for conception.

“To remedy this situation, the Army called in its psychological operations teams, which developed information campaigns in Pashtun areas, explaining the basics of heterosexual relations and their benefits, in terms of producing male offspring. It may be the only time in the history of warfare that an army has been required to explain sex to the native population, to curb the abuse of women and young boys–and retain U.S. influence in key geographic areas.”



  1. This has anything to do with homosexuality.

    Sexual abuse of children usually results in sexual dysfunction, and a poor understanding of how healthy relationships are supposed to work, in the future. If they had been abused by adult women, the result probably would have been the same. It has nothing to do with the fact that their abusers were men … if the story is true at all.

    I think the problem here is a cultural problem, the perspective of sex as a tool for domination. It certainly is not a problem of sexual orientation, as obviously the assumption that gay men are naturally more inclined toward child abuse is patently false.

  2. Sorry about the typo above!

    It should be “I don’t think this has anything to do with homosexuality.”

  3. OK, no shit. Of course it has nothing to do with homosexuality. In reality. In John Mansfields fucked up little world it obviously does.

    Te motherfucking title of the post is ‘How, oh how, could homosexuality do heterosexuals any harm?’

  4. The other thing that really really pisses me off is the stated ‘Nyuck, nyuck, stupid natives do it up the pooperchute’. Then using that to suggest that domestic violence is usually caused by failure to conceive. Sorry, fail. Epic fail.

    And then, the pigfucker aforementioned brings this in to the debate on homosexuality in the West?

    Pigfucking son of a syphilitic horse. Fuuuuuck.

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