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OK. 30 second Wikipedia test for J. Max.

Pharisees is not shorthand for ‘people I don’t like’. Pharisees were a political and religious force in Jewish life during the Second Temple period.

They were the force of popular religion. They believed in books and interpretation beyond the Torah. They believed in life after death.

What you mean to say, J.Max is that the Boogernacle Eliteses is like the Sadducees. The Sadducees held to a strict othropraxic view of religion. The Sadducees were the elite.

Hermaneutertics is not an apologetic weapon (actually, it’s not a word at all, and I’m a comic cat blogger)

So bugger off, ye bastards bugger off (Fuck You)
So bugger off, ye bastards bugger off (Fuck You)
Ye’re like a herd of fuckin’ swine that refuse to leave the trough
Ye’ll get nae more this evening so ye’d better bugger off.


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  1. Love it!

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