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Monthly Archives: March 2011

who confuse fiction with reality mixed up. There’s a reason Grego is on the Batshit Crazy list. Perhaps he should move over to the ‘Compound in Sandpoint’ list.


Die heretic scum!


H/T Cog Dissenter.

Mormon Dating Bestiology

Horned Toads (Returned Missionaries)
Phrynosoma hernandesi (Calibas)


Emperor Penguins (Do you know who my daddy is?)
Emperor penguins

Chamelon (We have so much in common!!!! Will you marry me tomorrow!)

Bull Moose (I only speak directly to big racks)
Bull moose laying on a lawn

Rhino’s (So thick they can’t take a hint)
Ngorongoro Spitzmaulnashorn

Flamingos (Awesome…. and gay)


Perish the thaaught!
Stars and gaaaters!

Let’s put it this way. Jonathan Gardner gets his little silky garmies in a twist whenever something comes across his radar that does not match his insane libertarian notions of how the world works.

to the ironic potential of his titles and posts result in a perfect amalgamation of irony and jaw-dropping insensitivity.

This post is indeed one of those.

I give you ‘The Constitutional Right to Enslave Others’

Which is about taxes.

No link this time.

Guess who’s actually doing shit about it.

The Moral Illiberal