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SEEE! MORMONZ ith the awsomeesth! Let me compare this random guy off the internet to a well educated middle aged corporate type!


Let’s just check that YouTube channel.

Q: Why do you sound like a hick in some videos, and like you have a lisp in others?
A: I do different characters and voices. When I sound normal, well, i’m myself. The kid with the lisp is francis. The country voice is Jessy, the hick 🙂 Yes I’m a redneck nerd that makes fun of rednecks and nerds. Deal with it.


Well slap me with shit and call me corn pone, that city boy jest got himself turned right round by a genuin’, 25 second Google test.


New Internet Rule:. All self-righteous mormon fuckwad posts must be preceded by no less than one (1) attempt to find out if the trend you have just noticed is a hoax, a character or an exaggeration. Credulous linking to the Onion or other parody news sites will result in doubling the penalties assigned.



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