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Ain’t nothin’ like a ‘ninja warrior’ frightening the blue-hairs with the ravages of the Internet.


I have to say I’m impressed. I rarely encounter someone who’s chutzpah matches that of Ol Joe himself.




I think I’m a fundamentalist.

It would be so wonderful to live in a world in which things are so sure. Sadly, the folks who write such beautiful music hold ideas which are deeply offensive to my own moral code… which was shaped by being raised in the ‘reasonable’ ideas of Mormonism.

Anyway, navel gazin’ aside, Patty Loveless is a freakin’ genius and this live version of her song is simply¬†gorgeous.

‘News’ from World Net Daily

And like, God totally showed a picture, like, that I have on this, like, way old Star Wars sheet that I had on my bed as a kid, and I like totally peed the bed and Lando Calrisian’s face like totally turned into the Antichrist, with horns and like everything. It’s so totally Obama.

Damn minority groups gettin’ uppity with THA CHURCH! Rember kids, when private security officials tell you to do somthing, just fold up that Constitution and obey.


Now, it’s the Feudal Way Conservative. He even hightlights the good part!


This is the intellectual deficit of the right. They advocate for policies that would only benefit the top stratum of society. Then they firmly believe, beyond all evidence to the contrary, that they would be at the top if only society would go your way.

Tough shit. We’re all peasants.

*can’t touch this*

Connor shifts into Libertarian debating tactics when cornered.

See below for an exemplar to aid in your identification of such debating tactics.

Yes you are an evil kitteh, an evil kitteh! Ooooo such an evil kitteh!

Hayes Carll, Ladies and Gentlemen. Go to his shows.