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anonymous donations! Awwwwwk! Donations, crackers!

anonymous donations! Awwwwwk! Donations, crackers!

This is the biggest invitation to the corruption party ever mailed out…

requires Research

requires "Research"

Are you done? Have you no sense of decency, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

Are you done? Have you no sense of decency, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

this whine is defined by a fine bouquet of self victimization, blame and a stunning lack of realization that Mormons in California have folded like a cheap tent whenever challenged about their political activities

this whine is defined by a fine bouquet of self victimization, blame and a stunning lack of realization that Mormons in California have folded like a cheap tent whenever challenged about their political activities

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Here to murder your small business owners

Here to murder your small business owners

The armies were poised, to destroy life as you know it. Or just gay it up a little.

One more old white man in office, it’s just like getting your civil rights taken away from you in a refurendum.

Bring it back!!!

Bring it back!!!

You have to follow the links to have this much fun

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50% of the Money, 70% of the publicity, 80% of the Volunteers, 90% of the blame

50% of the Money, 70% of the publicity, 80% of the Volunteers, 90% of the blame


Y’all just managed to piss off a lot of people. Even my little corner of the Bloggernacle got the following rush in Google searches

Yep. Nobody learns.

Yep. Nobody learns.

Idiots. One damn quick way to lose support.


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Um Yep. Like the fourth missle.

I’m taking off my silly hat for a moment to provide one more voice in the shrieking cacophony of the Bloggernacle. I’m extremely disappointed with the response of the Bloggernacle to Proposition 8 and it’s aftermath. Normally, I would just make fun of you, but I’m conflicted, I’m angry and I’m trying to express how much I am bothered by the polygamous wedding (snerk: officated by Karl Rove) of the LDS church, the Religious Right and Neo-Conservatism


As Mormons, we have a conditioned response to large groups of people organizing against us. Our recent history and our origin stories are overwhelmed with stories of mob rule, persecution and murder. We fetishize our past and our martyrs, making that portion of  history the centerpiece of our religious history. Furthermore, that past was capitalized by the extreme right in the church during the 1950’s through the 1980’s for their own political ends. Coupled with our apocalyptic theology, this history of persecution can result in rather powerful psychological responses when we are opposed.

Let’s bring a little reality to the situation then. Has anyone stormed the temples? Do we have roving gangs of twinks and bears beating up Mormon families in the street? Other than the destruction of some yard signs, has there been any significant property damage?


So who is having their homes and buildings broken into? Who have roving drunks been beating up? Who have been having their homes and businesses firebombed?

You guessed it. Teh Geh.

According to the 2007 FBI Hate Crime statistics, there were 1400 hate crimes against religious groups. There were 1225 hate crimes based on sexual orientation. Of the 1400 religiously motivated hate crimes, 965 were perpetrated against Jews, Jewish organizations and religious buildings. In hate crimes based on sexual orientation there were more offenders and more offenses against the victim than the religiously based hate crimes.

On a personal level, we have the very real crimes perpetrated against the gay community by members of the LDS church, from the murder of Matthew Shepard to the suicide of Stuart Mathis. We have literally thousands of unreported bias crimes. We have millions of children, whether gay or not, who suffer assaults on their person and their belongings when tarred with our societies virulent undercurrent of homophobia. Finally, we have uncounted hours of mental anguish that I have suffered with individuals in my own family.

It’s been over 100 years since any significant physical persecution of Mormons has happened in the United States. The persecution of our brothers and sisters who are gay is an ongoing, ugly comment on our Western culture.

Protests, applications to the IRS to remove tax exempt status and nasty TV commercials are not persecution. Public reaction in a contested political race is not persecution. They are a sign of faith in our public system, our institutions and our laws. It is a profoundly patriotic action by our brothers and sisters who challenge unjust laws within the framework of our legal system. Their use of our legal system,  the media, the legislative system and the police is a sign of faith in the admirable system of checks and balances that underlay the laws of the United States.  Our ancestors used the courts in a very similar way, and our name is still associated with one of the most limiting of all decisions relating to religious liberty, Reynolds v. United States. We undercut the very real persecution our ancestors suffered under when we try to integrate our modern political contests with their bold religious experiment.

The coalition in support of Proposition 8 resorted to tactics of fear and intimidation. Proposition 8 was presented as being a threat to children and a threat to religious liberty. Many of the claims were refuted repeatedly, yet were continually repeated, emphasized and used to describe the imminent threat that gay marriage posed. We all remain carefully shielded from the implications of our words. When we provide the lies that justify violence we put ourselves in the position taken so many years ago by the yellow journalists of frontier towns gleefully depicting the latest depredations of the Mormons.

I am disappointed with the actions of the LDS Church in association with the Yes on 8 campaign. I’m even more disappointed with the reactions of the Bloggernacle to the protests. From the rhetoric emerging from your keyboards, you would think our meetinghouses had been put to the torch and families slaughtered in their beds.


You can has lawsuit. You can has protesters. You can has PR disaster.

See you in court, bitches.

I can has ex post facto law?

I can has ex post facto law?

It applies to everybody. And it includes the whole system. Proponents of gay marriage have effectivly used all parts of the legal system, including the courts and the legislatures of several states. Prop 8, in accordance with the law of unintended consequences, places over 20,000 legally conducted marriages into a legal limbo. The initial decision in California was based on the existence of domestic partner benefits in California, two previous attempts to pass gay marriage legislation by the California Legislature, both vetoed by the Governator, and the long standing legal principle of equality before the law. This initiative, like the blunt instrument it is, never approached the issue of these 20,000 marriages. There is now a core of over 20,000 highly motivated, well funded litigants who will be struggling for the foreseeable future to regain their rights.

Ironically, the Mormon legwork on this may have the consequence of bringing a challenge  of the Defence of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 into the Supreme Court. A Supreme Court whose appointments for the next 4 years are in the hands of a Democratic Senate, House and President.

Bad luck, bitches. We’ll see you in court.



So I already hit this one once.

But the comments just keep getting better.

Shorter Biddulf – It’s part of my religion to discriminate against teh Gay! Discrimination! Discrimination!

Shorter BruceC – Doom! Dooom! Doooooom!!!!

Shorter Bookslinger – Once you try Gay, you Stay! We’ll have Gay Nerds! Thousands of Gay Nerds!

Shorter Jeremy – My majority, let me show it to you! SUPA PHILOSPHI BLAST!!!

Keep goin boys!

Drafty, isnt it?

Drafty, isn't it?