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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Hello Adam. If you’re in need of the man in Seattle who spanks naughty men for money, Jesus’s General has his number.

I’m not sure if Judge Longoria is a customer, perhaps you should ask after your birching.

Isn’t it odd that spanking between consenting adults for fun is perverse but spanking children to make them fear you, and who cannot consent, is moral? Somehow the kinksters come out on the better side of this.



Ceeling cat, heerz mai prayrz.

Pleez let Romniz get teh republican nominashunz

Teh lulz wil be epic.

Innaname of Cheeze and Rice




I’m a comic cat blogger. I don’t make any pretensions to sanity.

But Adam “Sparky” Greenwood has started jumping the shark every other post.

Oh, and there’s a circlejerk with Jetboy in the comments.




I think I’m a fundamentalist.

It would be so wonderful to live in a world in which things are so sure. Sadly, the folks who write such beautiful music hold ideas which are deeply offensive to my own moral code… which was shaped by being raised in the ‘reasonable’ ideas of Mormonism.

Anyway, navel gazin’ aside, Patty Loveless is a freakin’ genius and this live version of her song is simply gorgeous.

Ath☭ist has ☭ in the middle of it!